Trucs et astuces, partie 2

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Summer 2022

Summer, a period of relative calm for birds and mammals.

However, the rutting season for roe deer is already on. In a short period between late July and mid August, many nature lovers and nature photographers experience beautiful times by enjoying and, of course, photographing this phenomenon.

A number of bird species are preparing their big migration. For waders and a number of other species it has already started and will continue into the autumn.


So make sure you are well prepared:

First of all: ask yourself: 'What do I want to photograph and in what way?' So think about it or find out whilst preparing (new ideas can come up easily when your in the field). So it's important to have some sort of an idea or plan, and work on it. Secondly, know your target species: Know their behaviour, their favorite time of day, where will they appear first etcetera. The third important point is to find out your tactics and gear to use for shooting wildlife or birds.

When your using a photohide, baghide or camouflagenet:

  • Visit the location(s) in advance and learn what the light conditions are like in the morning, in the evening or at any time.
  • Know what ‘your’ background will be like (this can differ very fast by changing light conditions).
  • Try to find out when and where you will expect to show up your target species.
  • Do you have permission to be there and photograph (from a hide)?
  • Find out what kind of photohide, baghide or camouflagenet you can work with at that location or for particular species?
  • If you want to photograph with two people, check our offer of large photohides.
  • A baghide can be very usefull if you don’t want to carry a hide with you, if you want to be fexible or in case you find yourself in a situation where you need camouflage quickly and accurately. We offer baghides in 6 different camo prints (as our hides) and in two types; ‘normal’ and ‘light weight’, check our our product range here.
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